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Compares, updates and synchronizes Excel spreadsheets.
is a premier builder of software for securities trading and portfolio management. Among the products they offer is QuantTools, C/C++ and VB callable object libraries for financial calculations including derivative and fixed income analysis. The computing power behind QuantTools is also available conveniently packaged for use in your favorite spreadsheet as @Analyst, the world's leading line of financial spreadsheet function add-ins.
The Excel Logic Page
Functions explained, VBA, games, tips, tricks and more. Hundreds of example files online!
The Link Finder
is an Excel add-in that quickly and easily finds links to other workbooks.
The Spreadsheet Detective
Analyze your spreadsheets for potential problems. It graphically annotates a spreadsheet so as to make the models easier to develop, understand and validate.
UNISTAT for Windows
is a comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also work as an Excel add-in
This site provides free code, applications, ActiveX objects and support, to Visual Basic and VBA programmers. The site also contains several useful applications including an Excel workbook rebuilder.
Windmill Software
offers free software to route data from serial instruments into Excel (GPS receivers, electronic balances, etc).
Quickly and easily chart your spreadsheet data on a magnificent globe.
XL Support
many useful Excel tools available - and all for free!
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